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Monique Shaw is the perfect event photographer for orations, promotions, conferences, symposiums and other events. Her many years of experience will allow her to capture your unique moments and immortalise the university promotion or company anniversary.


Monique organises photography during special events in the Leiden, Amsterdam and The Hague region as an event photographer. Are you about to graduate, or are you organising an event, conference or perhaps celebrating an anniversary? Then make sure you use Shaw Photography. Monique will provide you with astonishing results.

Creating a beautiful series of photography is a true art: it requires the right equipment, skills, experience and attitude. As a professional, Monique is involved with this every single day. She uses up-to-date equipment and modern techniques.


Monique enjoys thinking along with the entrepreneur to find out the best way of visualising the business. Think about what’s important beforehand. Following are a number of tips for event photography:

1. Create a script or overview of the most important timings for the photography.
2. Tell visitors they do not need to take their own photographs. This will avoid everyone getting out their mobiles.
3. Shaw Photography can organise a selection of photographs on the very same day if they are needed quickly for a press release, social media or another activity.
4. We will gladly attend large events with two photographers, making sure nothing is missed.
5. Organise one point of contact for the photographer.
6. Make sure (check) there is adequate light where the speaker is standing. Beamer light in particular can sometimes result in strange colours.


Monique Shaw’s event photography rates are transparent and clear for you as the customer! You will pay per assignment. She will offer you a clear quotation after our initial our introductory discussion. This will ensure you are not confronted with any extra financial surprises.

Monique Shaw also regularly works on portraits, travel, business and lifestyle photography, in addition to event photography.


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